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Mogens Lassen Scandinavian 3 legged Stool Restoration

Mogens Lassen Scandinavian 3 legged Stool Restoration

We are currently in the midst of restoring some wonderful mid century Scandinavian furniture.

Restoration of an old Locker

Restoration of an old Locker

There is so much satisfaction gleamed from restoring a wonderful piece of furniture to its former glory.

The Entertainment Unit - The focal point of the Loungeroom

The Entertainment Unit - The focal point of the Loungeroom

The Entertainment Unit, often the focal hub of the living room.

The Global Surfer and Making a Hollow Wooden Surfboard

We were thrilled to be able to give a global traveller and avid Surfer 'E' the opportunity to make his own hollow wooden surfboard. During the week, E who in his words, has no woodworking experience apart from sharpening a pencil, learnt basic woodworking skills such as sharpening  a hand plane, shaping, sanding of his board and fin placement.  We then went on to fully glass the board.



An enthusiastic new woodworker making his hollow wooden board

















The wonderful finished product.  E and his hollow wooden surfboard.

















But don't just take our word for it ... Have a look at our very first YouTube


Qld Maple Display and Storage Unit

The Qld Maple Display and Storage Unit is the the final  accompaniment to the stunning Qld Maple Desk and Entertainment Unit , just previously made for one of our wonderful clients. Curved sides Qld Maple Media and Display Unit

















With subtle curved sides , mirror back and glass shelves, this classic yet highly functional cabinet will provide wonderful storage solutions yet highlight all the wonderful accoutrements that will be contained inside.




Practical yet classic. Queensland Maple display and storage unit.


A stunning Makeover -English Oak Sideboard Restoration

There is so much satisfaction gleamed from restoring a wonderful piece of furniture to its former glory. This quaint English Oak Sideboard was in dire need of some attention.

English Oak sideboard ready for restoration


Sideboard made from English Oak ready to be restored


Using traditional techniques, this exquisite piece of history will now take pride of place in the family home and will be enjoyed for many years to come

Fully restored english oak sideboard

Queensland Maple Desk and SideBoard

A very happy client took ownership of her new Qld Maple Desk and TV Unit. Featuring Curved legs, arched rails, these classic designs will work beautifully into the new build home.



making custom made maple desk



hand crafted timber polished leg



custom made maple TV Unit



Maple Desk hand crafted custom made


All custom made furniture from Stuart Bywater Design includes dovetailed drawers and soft close runners.  One of the many advantages of choosing a custom made product.  The quality inclusions add to the longevity of our furniture, ensuring peace of mind and backed by our 20 year guarantee on custom made pieces, you can be assured of value and quality.

Caring for your furniture in Winter...

Winter is a wonderful time in Brisbane, hot chocolates, comfort food,  doona weather but with a drop in temperature there is also a  rapid decline in humidity. With these changes, timber furniture can dry out and possibly split in various places...

You can avoid this by using a suitable furniture wax to promote and keep moisture in the grain.  Simply wax on with a clean dry cloth  and  then wax off any excess, doing this a few times during winter will noticeably enhance your furniture and keep it in pristine condition.


rustic slab table camphor laurel table

If you are unsure of which wax to use, or you would like to purchase some of our furniture wax please call us on

PH:  3256 9000 or e;  enquiries@bywaterdesign.com.au  and we would love to help you .

Silver Ash Chest of Drawers

The original Chest of Drawers as seen below was made in 1995. Constructed from resalvaged Qld Maple and English Oak, this stunning chest of drawers comprises of 106 hand made cut dovetails...



Silver Ash Chest of drawers with hand cut dovetails


The English Oak legs were made from a deceased tree in Canberra, the oak was then sandblasted for a weathered effect.

The drawers ran on brass rails and there were no sides or back to the cabinet , except for the N profile.

The structure was held together with the top and bottom drawers attached to the N profile legs.


Fast forward to 2015 and here is the 21st century version of the chest of drawers...


Silver Ash Chest of Drawers


Dovetailed drawers throughout

Hand shaped bowed front

same style as the original but with the luxury of full extension and soft close runners.


Silver Ash Chest of Drawers with soft close runners and full extension runners

Satlfest Surf Festival 2015

2015 and   Bywater Design has hit the ground running.  Restoration and Polishing up a storm and classes have begun in earnest and are running to full capacity. We are proud and happy of our enthusiastic students who make each weeknight a pleasure for Stuart and Dave to teach.  

We are proud this weekend to be involved in the inaugural Saltfest Surf Festival at Kirra Beach Coolangatta.

Come and see bywater design hollow wooden boards at Saltfest Surf Festival March 1

The Festival on March 1 will have an exciting array of Surfboards, surfwear, art, music delicious food and beverages, and more.  We would love you to come and say hi, in this beautiful part of the world.  A glorious way to spend a Sunny Sunday.

For more information head over to Saltfest Surf Festival



The New Surfboard Fad...

Well we have known for quite a while about the sustainability, the versatility, the many advantages of Creating your own Wooden Surfboard. The Sydney Morning Herald this week has highlighted these very things, that make Bywater Surfboards a wise and ecological choice for creating your perfect surfboard and riding experience...

Sydney Morning herald the new fad in surfing

Hollow Wooden Surfboard Classes Brisbane


Wooden Surfboard Classes Brisbane

Wodoen Surfboards Brisbane

For further information on our Wooden Surfboards, our classes or if you would like a custom made surfboard, please do not hesitate contact us

Article Source; The Sydney Morning Herald Feb 1 2015




Bywater Design Student Work - December 2014

We are so proud of our hardworking ever enthusiastic woodworking Students. Throughout the year they embark on designing and making their own projects.

They are all wonderfully varied and the finished product shows the skills and techniques that they have learned throughout the year.

Peter has been working on these beautiful chairs through out the year, and with Davids expert guidance he has created these stunning chairs , made from jarrah and Qld Maple.

These are a credit to both Peter and David and will be a beautiful accompaniment to the Table Peter completed before hand.


January 2015 Hollow Wooden Surfboard Classes and Paulownia Timber Sales

Very proud students with their finished wooden boards. Winter 2014
Very proud students with their finished wooden boards. Winter 2014

In only  a few short months, Bywater Design will be offering their summer class of Hollow Wooden Surfboard Making.

In 8 easy classes, you will be able to design and make your own hollow surfboard, with the timber of your choosing in only 8 nights.

All ready for glassing or polishing.

Classes will commence in February  2015.

So for more information please contact us at; surf@bywaterdesign.com.au  and we will send you an information pack on all the details.

Paulownia 6  200


As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients and students, Bywater Design now proudly offers the sale of Paulownia Timber.

Dressed and packed all ready for your hollow wooden board kit.

We offer the following timber lengths and specifications;

Lengths of 2.4 or 3 meters

200*8 rough sawn  = $7.20 Lm

200*6 dressed 2 faces = $8.20 Lm

195*6 DAR = $9.20 Lm    as per photo


Panels made to order

585*5, 4 or 3mm  = $40 Lm

150*38 Rough sawn  = $16.90 Lm


Other sizes can be ordered  POA.


For timber orders or for further information please contact us ; timber@bywaterdesign.com.au