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2015 Wooden Surfboard Day -- Gold Coast Australia

2015 Wooden Surfboard Day -- Gold Coast Australia

The 2015 Wooden Surfboard Day at the Gold Coast was held on what was most likely the most perfect winters day.  

The Global Surfer and Making a Hollow Wooden Surfboard

We were thrilled to be able to give a global traveller and avid Surfer 'E' the opportunity to make his own hollow wooden surfboard. During the week, E who in his words, has no woodworking experience apart from sharpening a pencil, learnt basic woodworking skills such as sharpening  a hand plane, shaping, sanding of his board and fin placement.  We then went on to fully glass the board.



An enthusiastic new woodworker making his hollow wooden board

















The wonderful finished product.  E and his hollow wooden surfboard.

















But don't just take our word for it ... Have a look at our very first YouTube


Working with Wood Show - Brisbane 2015 -

It was all very hands on at the recent Working with Wood Show at the RNA last weekend...  



Bywater Design Wooden Surfboards








We had an overwhelming response and interest in not only our Wooden Surfboard and traditional woodworking classes, but also our custom making and furniture restoration services. Thank you to Carbatec for making this possible. Much appreciation to Michael Hoffman and David Wardrop for their invaluable help and enthusiasm over the weekend.


Bywater Design Traditional Woodworking classes






Bywater Design Hollow Wooden Surfboard Classes

Timber Working with Wood Show RNA Brisbane 2015


Come and see for yourself the ultimate in Wooden surfboards.


Hollow Wooden Surfboards


Hollow Wooden Surfboards


Bywater Design in Collaboration with CarbaTec will be demonstrating shaping techniques for hollow wooden surfboards all this weekend at the

Working With Wood Show RNA Brisbane. We will have the ultimate in wooden surfboard collections, with an extensive range of completed student work along with paulownia timber available for purchase on the day. We look forward to seeing you there !

Hollow Wooden Surfboards


Graduates of the Winter Wooden Surfboard Class 2014

A very excited Tuesday night wooden board class proudly displayed their completed boards.  All ready to glass. We all had a great time.  Lots of laughter and fun along the way.

Don't Forget our next Class begins on September 9 ...Limited positions available.

Pacific Longboarder Magazine...

Thank you to Pacific Longboarder Magazine  for the wonderful article on our Wooden Surfboard Classes;  

pacific longboard pic july7

For more information please phone us on PH;  3259000

or email us; surf@bywaterdesign.com.au.


Surfs UP




Another wonderful example of Student Work !

The recently completed project by Chris, a wonderful long-term student; shows the amazing diversity of projects that our students complete... Incorporating the stunning native bird scene into this porthole like window, highlights both the rich colours of the stained  glass as well as the natural hue of the recycled silky oak timber that was used.

Well done Chris,  we look forward to seeing your next project.

::Apprenticeship Achievements !!

Shaun, who recently began his 3 yrd of his apprenticeship recently completed his theory module learning new leg and rail construction and timber selection processes.

During this time Shaun successfully made a coffee table and chair, using New Guinea Rosewood, Shaun has put his knowledge to wonderful practical use,  constructing furniture of a high calibre

Well done Shaun on excellent craftmanship !!!



Student Restoration Project...

Few people have a vision of what an old worn out wardrobe can look like if converted into a bookcase   We have completed several conversion projects  like these for clients and they have always been amazed at the finished piece .

So we were delighted when one of our Woodworking Students, chose to take up the challenge himself and convert his old Silky Oak Cabinet into something new and wonderful.

David was not deterred at all by the processes and time involved to complete such a makeover.

With the expert guidance from teacher Dave, David then went about on his restoration journey of stripping the old finish, removing the old mirror ...

In addition new shelves were made and fitted

Then the cabinet was sanded and David polished the cabinet to match his existing decor.

The finished product looks absolutely amazing.

Well done David on a remarkable job and for persisting to achieve what you set out to do.

You should be proud of your accomplishments.

We cant wait to see you next project !!


::Bywater Design School of Fine Woodworking - A happy Graduate ::

With no  previous woodworking experience, Chloe began the Introductory to Fine Woodworking  Class with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. At the completion of this introductory course Chloe was able to take home  her very own gorgeous chopping/serving board.

Congratulations Chloe on your great achievement !





We Have a Winner...World Skills Australia !

We are pleased and proud to announce that our hardworking 2nd year apprentice Shaun has won the  World Skills Australia 2011 Competition Brisbane Region - Cabinet Making Section.


Its Official - 1st Place

The  competition involved competitors completing  a spice rack ; - the finished piece was to include dovetailed drawers and a rebated back .

 Shaun impressed the judges with  his efficiency, professional use of machinery and  safe work practices.  The end result was a finished piece  that is testament to Shaun's  hard work and enthusiasm for learning that he has shown in the Bywater Design workshop over the last 2 years !!

Spice Rack - hoop pine with plywood back .
Well done Shaun - 1st place

Congratulations Shaun !!



Designed and Made...By Students

The students  of Bywater Design School of Fine Furniture continually make us proud with their ongoing achievements.  We love sharing their journeys , their finished pieces as it is inspiring for both teacher and students... The recently completed Qld Maple Entertainment Unit by Bruce, highlights the construction techniques, dovetailing and finishing methods that Bruce has learnt in class...


Congratulations Bruce on Designing and Making your Entertainment Unit !

If you would like information on Creating your own beautiful furniture Have a look here .


The Art of Learning

Our very popular Woodworking Classes  are now in their  7th year  !  We enjoy seeing our students learn new skills and nurture their passion for woodwork .  Over the course of this time we have been lucky enough to teach students from all demographics and from all over Brisbane including The Gold and Sunshine Coasts . The high standard to which our students produce work is testament to their willingness to learn and the dedication to our craft.

One such student, who displays these qualities is Daniel.

Daniel is a vibrant and energetic gentleman in his 90's !  ! Daniel has been a student under the expert guidance of David for well over a year.

During this time, Daniel has produced work of a very high standard.

Apart form his love of woodworking, Daniel is a fierce golfer and enjoys learning Latin Dancing !!!

We would like to congratulate Daniel on his enthusiasm, joy and happiness he contributes to the class.  He is an inspiration .

>Sharing Our Craft.


Over 6 years ago, due to the growing interest in our craft, we decided to establish
The Bywater Design School of Fine Woodworking.  Men and women, eager to learn traditional woodworking techniques  approached us about sharing our skills...

Flash forward to 2010 and we have had the pleasure of teaching men and women of all ages, occupations and areas of Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast the fine art of Furniture Making.  We are proud to say many of our original students are still with us, creating their own beautiful works of art.
Our workshop is a busy hub on weeknights, where our enthusiastic students are given guidance, enthusiasm and personalised tuition on their varied and original projects.  Everyone works at their own pace, there is no deadlines, no stress, only a fun learning environmnent.
 Our classes are held on weeknights from 6 - 9pm, if you are interested in learning a new craft, creating your own furniture and generally having a really fun time please Get in contact with us.