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Making your own Wooden Surfboard

Along with various timber combinations and deck patterns we offer in our Wooden Timber Surfboard Classes, we offer the application of personalised decals or motifs to really make your timber surfboard an object of sentimental beauty.

For a myriad of reasons our students wish to add something extra to their board

A wonderul reminder of a treasured fur baby

A personal touch to a student surfboard

A personal touch to a student surfboard

Want your nickname immoratised on your favourite board ?

Why not

Love your style Baylz

Love your style Baylz

Love the colour green and are obsessed with manta ray

We can accommodate you

Stand out from the crowd !

Stand out from the crowd !

Want to ramp up the zen on your timber board

We will only encourage you

Feel the zen

Feel the zen

Love a good Hawaiian 50’s vibe (we are a fan !! )

By adding some funky fabric you can create a mood that is just you

aloha board.jpg

You are only limited by your imagination , we will help you anyway we can to achieve your dream board.

So start designing your board now.

Our Wooden Surfboard and SUP Classes a bucket list must do

Get in contact with us to make this a reality !

Designing Wooden Surfboards

There is nothing like first hand experience, and through many a surf, some good sessions some not so good times we have refined and evolved our Wooden Surfboards.

We have curated our boards to encompass the various surf conditions and to accommodate the individual characteristics of the surfboard rider.

The Dawn is a classic all rounder. (so named after the Legendary Dawn Fraser )

The Dawn will simply handle everything that is thrown at it; from the almost non existent wave to the holy grail of a clean six footer.

A good paddling board makes for easy wave catching, great sharp turning and fast trimming

The Dawn is the ultimate package.

Made from Paulownia and Cambia Ash  The Dawn   is the ultimate package

Made from Paulownia and Cambia Ash The Dawn is the ultimate package

The Gould (aptly named after the one and only Shane Gould is a cleaned up older board that takes its origins from the 1970’s.

With a single fin its a point and shoot board that behaves like a dream.

Its a low entry rocker with a flat bottom and chimed rails.

The Gould has a fuller nose outline compared to other boards compared to modern boards, but dont let its retro vibe fool you, this board can take all sorts of conditions and is suited to all types of surfers.

But dont take our word, come down to our Woodworking Gallery and see first hand how these boards are designed and made with the utmost care.

Of course you can alway take yourself on a creative journey and make one of these beautiful boards yourself . Here’s how you can do it .

We love the curious types so dont hesitate to contact us with a question on our Bywater Design Surfboards

Our Dawn.  Loving the 70’s is a good thing

Our Dawn. Loving the 70’s is a good thing