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At Bywater Design we take pride in the finishing touches. The final finish of a piece of furniture is what is seen first, the shine, reflection and shimmer of the polish.

The oil/lacquer/ poly or 2 pack finish is the defining moment for either a freshly restored piece or a custom made timber furniture.

The polish will not only give furniture its “good looks” but provide a barrier against the elements being air conditioning, uv extremes and everday wear and tear .

A good professional finish will provide longevity and keep timber furniture in pristine condition.

All our finishes are conducted in our dust free polishing booth in our Brisbane workshop and are the perfect compliment to our restoration and making services.

The scope of our polishing expertise includes all polishing of residential furniture including dining suites, chairs, 2 pack colour polishing on timber and cane furniture, respraying of timber benchtops, colour touch ups, recolouring of timber furniture as well as french polishing of timber antiques such as commodes , armoires and desks.

Our recent polishing work has included repolishing of Inner Brisbane Boardroom tables, repolishing and restoration of North Queensland Yachts and refurbishment of Heritage Projects for Brisbane Schools.

Our polishing of furniture and timber heirlooms is not restricted to large items and most of our day to day work will be for chests of drawers, wardrobes, dressing tables, clocks, old beds to be sanded back, stained and polished to their former glory .

Our 2 pack polishing is second to none with a range of work being completed on painting kitchen cupboards after renovation , entertainment units, chairs and even lounges. We cover all facets of furniture repolishing.




French Polishing

French polishing is not a thing of the past with many clients still needing their antiques and heirlooms repaired and the finish to be repaired and rejuvenated some of these jobs can be worked on site in your own home or if it is a lot of work best to be completed at our fully equipped workshop.

Outdoor Furniture

Painting of outdoor furniture and front doors is becoming very popular at the moment and we are able to provice you with the right solution for the job. With the use of exterior paints and finishes we can come to your or you can send photos so we can quote on the job at hand.

Maintenance and servicing is something that needs to be done to any finish, knowing how to clean furniture and what products to use, waxing furniture, weather to oil or just clean with a damp cloth we can advise.



We love what we do. To find our more about our furniture restoration and polishing services, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements.