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entertainment unit

A place for books

Being avid readers, we know all too well the problem of finding a suitable home for all the books we have collected over the years and do not want to part with.

It is a wonderful thing to pass them on to someone else to read #payitforward but there are numerous times and occasions when you do not want to part with them.

Art books for instance , often heavy and large are a must have for reference and to keep going back to time and again, coffee table books - for when the collection becomes too high to keep on the coffee table and of course well worn much loved fiction books that hold sentimental value.

Our client came to us with this conundrum , so many wonderful books but nowhere to store them and to reflect back on them when needed.

We designed this clean, streamlined bookcase to house such important items. Custom made to encapsulate the assorted heights and weights of different books.

Simple in design and colour so as to let the wonderful assorted colours of the books take precedence and be the show items as they rightly are…

Starting to come together

Starting to come together

Ample space for lots of wonderful books

Ample space for lots of wonderful books

A beautiful complement to stunning art work

A beautiful complement to stunning art work

A room without books is like a body without soul.

A room without books is like a body without soul.

Custom Making Hoop Pine Cabinets

Custom Making Hoop Pine Cabinets

The over riding advantage for custom making is that it solves problems and provides solutions.  Furniture is tailor made for each individual circumstance.

The Entertainment Unit - The focal point of the Loungeroom

The Entertainment Unit - The focal point of the Loungeroom

The Entertainment Unit, often the focal hub of the living room.

Its all in the Detail...Why is Custom Making is always a good idea

One of the many benefits of having an item  of furniture Custom Made is the wonderful array of fine details in the design that can make that piece of furniture essentially yours. Whether it is the addition of dovetails, a shadow line, a rebate in the table top, the inclusion of these fine details enhance the classic design that you have chosen.  Creating an individual style customised for your home décor and lifestyle.


Pinstripe inclusion adds to the drama and the wow factor of this modern Hall table


A rebate gives this classic table a modern polished look

Corbels create character and drama to this gorgeous kitchen makeover

White 2 Pack Entertainment Unit

With a myriad of consoles, discs, and other media components, this family room area was in dire need of streamlining. Tidying up the area, being able to house all the various components, this multi functional storage area would provide all the necessary space to do just that as well as work in effortlessly with the existing decor

Using 2 pack as the finish, the patchwork effect provides personality and quirkiness to an otherwise white bland wall.

The ample storage makes cleaning a breeze.

And of course all our drawers are dovetailed and run on undercarriage soft close runners which provide effortless and whisper quiet operation.


Simplifying life. Ample storage. Easy to keep clean.


Functional and stylish and with the ability to hide all those bits and pieces



Custom Making a Maple Bookcase...

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is creating furniture that is unique as all our clients.  Producing something that will be exactly what our client requires, and will blend seamlessly into their home and perform the functions they want to it to... Hence the Maple Bookcase recently completed .

This stunning Bookcase standing an impressive 2 metres high and 3 metres wide offers a myriad of storage solutions , whilst being faithful to the existing décor.

Of course, all our drawers are dovetailed and run on full extension runners to ensure smooth operation each and every time.


july 14 maple bookcase july 14 custom bookcase


Entertainment Unit for City Apartment

Apartment Living  often means minimal space and downsizing  on items such as stereo, tv, audio and media components and having little space to display treasures, photos etc... But that need not be the case; In this instance Bywater Design was able to incorporate clever design with maximum storage resulting in a clean, modern functional entertainment/media unit that screams style

A sliding door ensures you can display your favourite treasures or if need be closed to hide what is behind



And on the left side housing all important visual compenents.

The Bottom half of the unit has a push to open dropdown drawer.

With 4 drawers this gives ample storage for dvd, cd, blu rays etc etc

All power points /cables are neatly and safely housed at the back of the unit .

This clever Entertainment Unit certainly delivers on the wow factor !!!

Designed and Made...By Students

The students  of Bywater Design School of Fine Furniture continually make us proud with their ongoing achievements.  We love sharing their journeys , their finished pieces as it is inspiring for both teacher and students... The recently completed Qld Maple Entertainment Unit by Bruce, highlights the construction techniques, dovetailing and finishing methods that Bruce has learnt in class...


Congratulations Bruce on Designing and Making your Entertainment Unit !

If you would like information on Creating your own beautiful furniture Have a look here .


>Sweet Music and Crisp Vision.


The Entertainment Unit is a most important furniture item in the house.  It houses all the TV, DVD, Blu Ray, Pay Tv units, and stereo components you need to bring sweet sounds and crisp vision into your home. 

Our  Custom Made Entertaiment Home Theatre Units are the ideal solution to capture all these components and house them in a neat, stylish and sophisticated area.

Once completed, taking the guess work out of installing your subwoofers, speakers, docks etc is the next step in maintaining a happy face and a sense of harmony in the home.

Electronic Interiors is the place to go.  With services including cabling, acoustic setting, lighting control and the ultimate in home automation; -  Electronic Interiors will ensure you  receive the ultimate music experience.
We have co partnered with Electronic Interiors on many a successful project and their professionalism and attention to detail is second to none.

Music is the cup of wine that fills the silence.
Robert Fripp