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Its all in the Detail...Why is Custom Making is always a good idea

One of the many benefits of having an item  of furniture Custom Made is the wonderful array of fine details in the design that can make that piece of furniture essentially yours. Whether it is the addition of dovetails, a shadow line, a rebate in the table top, the inclusion of these fine details enhance the classic design that you have chosen.  Creating an individual style customised for your home décor and lifestyle.


Pinstripe inclusion adds to the drama and the wow factor of this modern Hall table


A rebate gives this classic table a modern polished look

Corbels create character and drama to this gorgeous kitchen makeover

::Model no 14 :: Fast history facts

From the ashes of the Industrial Revolution , the Modern Age moved furniture production out of small workshops and into factories for mass production on a grand scale. Arguably, the first Modern piece of furniture  mass-produced was by Prussian furniture maker Michael Thonet (1796-1871)

After 25 years experimenting with bending steamed wood and producing innovative "bentwood" furniture, Michael Thonet and his sons created the No. 14 as the first mass-produced seating furniture on the market. Going into production in 1859 ,  this chair  has become a certified design classic, selling more than 50 million units between 1860 and 1930.. 

Today this iconic chair is produced in various styles, materials right across the globe.