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Media Units ~ Entertainment Units ~Media Consoles

TV Units, Media Units, Entertainment Rooms, ,whichever name you call them, they all contain  the ever extensive array of media components we accumulate, be it for viewing, gaming or listening , the media unit is an integral part of the home and care and thought should be given to this investment. Not only do they hold and hide all this equipment  a good entertainment unit should highlight and improve your viewing and watching experience.

With proper ventilation,  appropriate height and depth, a custom made entertainment unit will take into account each individual component you have and store each and every one in a solid yet well ventilated area.

In addition the unit will allow for future purchases ensuring all your components will last maintaining  their longevity.

Just a brief sample of the wonderful custom made entertainment units we have recently completed for very happy clients.


This Entertainment Unit sits comfortable in the corner providing ample storage and yet making the most of the space.


Sleek in design , low on space , big on style, this frosted glass unit perfect addition to the loungeroom


Classic simple style modernised with a white washed finish.


Counter Lever entertainment Unit. a perfect way to highlight the room.


French Style Writing Desk

With over 300 hours of labor, this French Insprired Writing Desk was a journey of time, patience and fine detailed work. Our lovely client was inspired by a similar desk at The Lourve and wanted to emulate the fine work, and all the fine details that encapsulate this wonderful writing desk.

A rich warm timber was needed to enhance the soft design of the desk whilst blending in with the existing décor so Qld Maple was used for these beautiful qualities

The design of the desk evolved after extensive collaboration with the client and included such wonderful features such as;

handcrafted dovetailed drawers ,

Custom Brass beading , to highlight  the panels and brass  fretwork around the marble to embellish the design

Roll top curved timber panel door

Internal locking doors, to ensure individual compartments could be closed for privacy

The style was to emulate Louis XV opulent, yet discreet,

Marble top in keeping with the style....

Once the writing desk was made it was then hand  polished and rubbed back to a 60% gloss to enhance its patina


Designed and crafted by Bywater Design




Individual Locking compartments, perfect for writing and storing treasures.


Traditional Techniques blending with a timeless design


The icing on the cake.  Breccia Marble to enhance the curvaceous yet sleek design of the French writing desk

White 2 Pack Entertainment Unit

With a myriad of consoles, discs, and other media components, this family room area was in dire need of streamlining. Tidying up the area, being able to house all the various components, this multi functional storage area would provide all the necessary space to do just that as well as work in effortlessly with the existing decor

Using 2 pack as the finish, the patchwork effect provides personality and quirkiness to an otherwise white bland wall.

The ample storage makes cleaning a breeze.

And of course all our drawers are dovetailed and run on undercarriage soft close runners which provide effortless and whisper quiet operation.


Simplifying life. Ample storage. Easy to keep clean.


Functional and stylish and with the ability to hide all those bits and pieces



White Entertainment Unit

After refurbishing the entire room, it was time to give this little pocket of the room  a makeover;  creating an area that would blend seamlessly into the rest of the home but also function as an area to house television and media components. This area of the room badly needed a make over

Using traditional details  to highlight the architraves a white built in entertainment unit was designed and installed.

Hoop Pine was painted to a high white gloss to happily co exist with the existing furnishings

Retractable doors were used and under carriage runners to keep the entertainment unit tidy and house all the myriad of dvd's, blue rays, cd etc...


Blending perfectly into its surrounds, this entertainment unit is both stylish yet highly functional.


Making the most of a small area, creating ample storage area and housing media componentsm