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>Sharing Our Craft.


Over 6 years ago, due to the growing interest in our craft, we decided to establish
The Bywater Design School of Fine Woodworking.  Men and women, eager to learn traditional woodworking techniques  approached us about sharing our skills...

Flash forward to 2010 and we have had the pleasure of teaching men and women of all ages, occupations and areas of Brisbane, Sunshine and Gold Coast the fine art of Furniture Making.  We are proud to say many of our original students are still with us, creating their own beautiful works of art.
Our workshop is a busy hub on weeknights, where our enthusiastic students are given guidance, enthusiasm and personalised tuition on their varied and original projects.  Everyone works at their own pace, there is no deadlines, no stress, only a fun learning environmnent.
 Our classes are held on weeknights from 6 - 9pm, if you are interested in learning a new craft, creating your own furniture and generally having a really fun time please Get in contact with us.