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coffee table

A gift made from the heart ...

Our woodworking students always give us great joy when it comes to their dedication and persistence.

Bill , a Monday night student has worked tirelessly over the last few months working on a beautiful coffee table for a wonderful surprise birthday present for his wife.

Made from Melaleuca , which is part of the Myrtle tree family this elegant table uses resin as a centre feature to highlight the wonderful warm patina of the grain .

Finished off with light coats of lacquer, this gift made from the heart is one we are sure will be a treasured heirloom for many years to come.

Congratulations to Bill on such a wonderful achievement.

beautiful student work  elegant coffee table
capturing the light ;  a most beautiful coffee table
attention to detail, exceptional work from our woodworking students

Silver Ash coffee tables

Using Silver Ash for a base and featuring Laminex in contemporary shades, these coffee tables are the perfect addition to this beautifully appointed Brisbane home.

Blending the contemporary with classic furniture results in a stunning outcome
Subtle yet sophisticated
Practicality meets design

Using Laminex in Cosmic Grey and Alto these tables provide an avant garde atmospbere to this wonderful lounge room.

Custom made furniture for retirement living

Moving into a retirement living complex is a new beginning ; a chance to make some fun new changes.

Furniture that once served a great purpose for a larger family may not be so practical now, and sometimes the spacial features of the new abode do not marry well with the existing furniture.

These are a few of the reasons why our client came to us, seeking custom made furniture that would fit beautifully into their new home.

We designed and made the new dining furniture to blend seamlessly with existing furniture, to have the correct proportions so that it wouldnt overtake or be too large to manoeuvre around .

The richness of Jarrah was an ideal choice for the clean classic lines of this dining room furniture.

The wonderful deep patina of Jarrah makes a striking choice for apartment living/

The wonderful deep patina of Jarrah makes a striking choice for apartment living/

Sleek and sophisticated

Sleek and sophisticated

Custom making an obvious choice

Custom making an obvious choice

The perfect size coffee table

The perfect size coffee table

The end result, very happy clients who are thrilled with their new way of life and their new furniture.

Caring for your furniture in Winter...

Winter is a wonderful time in Brisbane, hot chocolates, comfort food,  doona weather but with a drop in temperature there is also a  rapid decline in humidity. With these changes, timber furniture can dry out and possibly split in various places...

You can avoid this by using a suitable furniture wax to promote and keep moisture in the grain.  Simply wax on with a clean dry cloth  and  then wax off any excess, doing this a few times during winter will noticeably enhance your furniture and keep it in pristine condition.


rustic slab table camphor laurel table

If you are unsure of which wax to use, or you would like to purchase some of our furniture wax please call us on

PH:  3256 9000 or e;  enquiries@bywaterdesign.com.au  and we would love to help you .