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care for your furniture

Restoration of an old Locker

Restoration of an old Locker

There is so much satisfaction gleamed from restoring a wonderful piece of furniture to its former glory.

Caring for your furniture in Winter...

Winter is a wonderful time in Brisbane, hot chocolates, comfort food,  doona weather but with a drop in temperature there is also a  rapid decline in humidity. With these changes, timber furniture can dry out and possibly split in various places...

You can avoid this by using a suitable furniture wax to promote and keep moisture in the grain.  Simply wax on with a clean dry cloth  and  then wax off any excess, doing this a few times during winter will noticeably enhance your furniture and keep it in pristine condition.


rustic slab table camphor laurel table

If you are unsure of which wax to use, or you would like to purchase some of our furniture wax please call us on

PH:  3256 9000 or e;  enquiries@bywaterdesign.com.au  and we would love to help you .

Custom Made Games Table

With a love of fun , including , poker, board games and jigsaw puzzles, our clients wanted a square classic looking table that would easily house a 10,00 jigsaw puzzle, or stage a long night of poker or some family Monopoly Fun.... We created this Stylish Qld Maple table, with frosted glass for ease of cleaning and maintenance. In addition to the hidden drawers on one side to accommodate decks of cards, dice and all the other important accessories for games night !

The leather back chairs were also exclusively designed for comfort and practicality.  Using cream leather, as upholstery these dining chairs make for a chic addition to the table.

lots of fun around this stylish yet comfortable dining suite

Custom made dining chairs work beautifully with the Games table



Some TLC for your Timber Furniture...

Timber furniture is known for its durability, longevity and above all its beauty.  If you treat your timber furniture with a bit of  tender loving care it will reward you for many years to come.. We are often asked for care and maintenance tips for furniture and we would like to share our knowledge ,know how and experience in maintaining your precious timber furniture...


First of all  today we will highlight  Some Dont's !

These are easy to remember and are important  factors to remember; -

Please keep away from....

*Furniture can fade and age prematurely so please keep furniture out of direct sunlight !

Keep furniture away from temperature extremes; those blasts of cold air may be refreshing but not so healthy for your lovely dining room table.

Always always remember to use a placemat, tablecloth, magazine etc before using your table as a workbench or beauty bar.  These sorts of spillages can be difficult and costly to repair !

Candles are a wonderful addition to any room creating ambiance and warmth but please have all candles supported by either a sturdy glass holder or something similar that prevents heat and wax from spilling onto the wooden surface.


*For specific advice on repairs to your furniture we are happy to help you

PH; 3256 9000  or drop us an email

We would love to help !