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A little about our Beautiful Surfboards ...

We design our surfboards with a vision of what us as surfers would like in a board. Its not just the visual , although we do think that our surfboards are ridiculously good looking, its about the performance and how they ride in the water.

The Gould

The Gould

The Gould is a cleaned up older board with a defnite 70’s vibe.

It single fin with a fuller nose outline and a tight pin tail. A low entry rocker with a flat bottom and and chimed rails.

The end result is a beautiful surfboard for all types of surfers in all types of waves .

The Dawn Surfboard

The Dawn Surfboard

The Dawn is the total package.

A classic all rounder with a concave throughh the nose , flat through the centre and rolled V in the tail.

Its a sweet reliable daily ride, the perfect workhorse

Will handle all conditions from the dribble wave to the ultimate 6 foot clean wave (and dont we wish for more of those .

ecosurfboard bywater.jpg

With the addition of wonderful timbers such as paulownia, cambia ash and cedar and no foam we are proud of the way our boards ride in the water .

Of course, we could go on for pages of all the finer details of our boards, but if you would like more info about our range we would love to hear from you , so send us an email and we will answer any questions you have !

The New Surfboard Fad...

Well we have known for quite a while about the sustainability, the versatility, the many advantages of Creating your own Wooden Surfboard. The Sydney Morning Herald this week has highlighted these very things, that make Bywater Surfboards a wise and ecological choice for creating your perfect surfboard and riding experience...

Sydney Morning herald the new fad in surfing

Hollow Wooden Surfboard Classes Brisbane


Wooden Surfboard Classes Brisbane

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For further information on our Wooden Surfboards, our classes or if you would like a custom made surfboard, please do not hesitate contact us

Article Source; The Sydney Morning Herald Feb 1 2015