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Cane Chair Restoration

With spring only a few weeks away (where is the year going ??) this little makeover is well timed to welcome in the new season.

A gorgeous classic cane lounge chair in dire need of some attention was transformed into a fresh , colourful new addition to this inner city Brisbane home.

A beauty in the making

A beauty in the making

Just waiting to be made over

Just waiting to be made over

A stunning result

A stunning result

Fresh , crisp and ready for spring

Fresh , crisp and ready for spring

We repaired where needed and repolished in white 2 Pack for a clean crisp backdrop to that wonderful effervescent new upholstered seat .

Making a Statement with Upholstry

Designing a lounge suite that is classic, yet modern, stylish but would not date and most importantly be very comfortable to spend hours reading,  were the important aspects required for our lovely clients. In collaboration with Stuart a design evolved that worked well with their decor, a design that would be enhanced by striking upholstry . Using recyled Tasmanian Oak these gorgeous lounge room furniture pieces now take pride and place in a very happy  home.

The solid timber construction coupled with professional upholstry ensures that these pieces remain in excellent condition for many lounging  years to come





~~Tree Life ~~ Jarrah ~~

Stuart was thrilled and proud to be a part of the Great South East  Channel  7 feature on Recycled Timber  - September 4.  When asked  by presenter Martin Bowerman what was his favourite timber species, Stuart was quick to reply ..

".Jarrah ; -   for its many wonderful properties. It does everything right." 

A big statement, with so many wonderful species out there - some we know many we dont know.

 So in the spirit of learning, of informing, entertaining and enlightening we shall embark on disovering the wonderful world of trees...

1)   Jarrah or Eucalyptus Marginata is one of the most important hardwoods of Australia.   "Marginata" relates to the light colored vein around the edge of the leaf.  Jarrah is one of many species of Eucalypt.  The flowers have a magnificent scent and pollinate every other year.    The Jarrah tree is adaptable, using its long complex root and tube  system to store carbydrates and other nutrients thus enabling a young Jarrah tree to grow back after a fire and to tolerate and survive in a harsh drought climate.

The Jarrah Tree can live to an amazing 500 years.

 It is found principally  in the south West of Western Australia.  This versatile hardwood grows to an impressive 30- 40  metres in height and a mammoth 2 metres in diameter.  Jarrah produces a valuable dark durable timber.  In recent years,  natural strands of Jarrah have suffered serious damage from a soil fungus which attacks and destroys the fine feeding roots. 

The gorgeous deep patinas range form red to deep brown, the texture is course and generally straight grained.  Is is for these reasons that we favour using Jarrah in many instances.  Its versatilty, ease of machining and adherance to adhesives and  polishes and lacquers make this Aussie hardwood a Bywater Design Favourite. 

Jarrah Dining Table provides a striking highlight to the Dining Room