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A little too much rain ...


Whilst the rain was lovely and well needed , the after effects of torrential downpours can and will play havoc with timber furniture.

You might have noticed in the last couple of days, drawers  and doors not opening properly/easily/ and they almost seem to have increased in size.

This is due to the increase in humidity in the air swelling the delicate timber fibres

 Timber acts like a sponge around water absorbing or releasing moisture at any opportunity.  Very few timber finishes will be 100 % water tight, and there will always be some form of water intake .

What to do about this ?? 

 One of the best things is to give it time to dry out; if possible turn on the air conditioning (not on extreme cold) and not directly in front of the furniture  ] this will encourage the drying process.  

Never ever expose the furniture to direct sunlight as this will just compound the problem ! (drying out  not only on the surface but aslo  being hit by the sun causing it to cup or bow and even split  ) 

With a little patience your furniture should return to normal, but if the problem does persist, please do not hesitate to call us on Ph;  07 3256 9000 and we can help you …


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