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:: 2012 ~ The International Year of Reading::

The worldwide web is a wonderful tool for learning and exploring  BUT you cannot compare it to holding  an actual book in your hands... To feel the pages, smell the newness of a just opened book and to flick through well worn pages is a booklover's joy.

In celebration of this wonderful year of reading we are going to share a few of our favourite books...


One of the most concise and informative historical books we have discovered is called (funnily enough)

FURNITURE ; - World Styles from Classcial to Contemporary  by Judith Miller ISBN; 1 4053 0654  8.

This exceptional book covers over 3,000 years of Furniture Design and incorporates over 2,000 colour pictures perfectly illustrating every style and form.



 From Ancient Greece, to the Shakers, Art Deco , to Pop Interior, 'Furniture'  takes you on a design journey through time.

This is a large book containing over 500 pages worth of informative reading and stunning pictures and illustrations. 

 As furniture designers this book  is a wonderful source of reference and information .

It is so fascinating to read and discover the wonderful talented makers from centuries ago...

This gem of  a book can be purchased /ordered through most good bookstores.

Happy Reading !