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Lord of the Forest...

The Kauri Tree is one of the most  hardy and enduring  tree species known to man.  It  is native to Australis (Aus and NZ) This pine tree is an excellent source of timber and is used extensively throughout New Zealand in both residential and commercial projects.

On a recent trip to New Zealand we were lucky to visit the  Waipoua National Forest, on the westcoast of Northland, home of  the oldest known kauri tree in existence.

This ancient beauty is known as Tane Mahuta 0r Lord of the Forest.   This tree is said to be between 1500 and 2000 years old .

It stands at an enormous 51.5m or 169 feet

The width is; 13.77m or 45.2 feet

Diameter is 4.38m or 14.4 feet

Height of first branch: 9.45m – 31 ft

Total height: 51.51m – 169 feet Girth: 13.77m – 45.2 feet Diameter: 4.38m – 14.4 feet

 It is an Agathis Australis of the Araucariaceae family, a variety of tree that is second in height only to the Sequoias of North America. Its massive smooth, grey-white trunk rises 31feet before a branch appears.

 The gigantic specimen is a remanent of the tremendous ancient subtropical rain forest that once grew there, a survivor of 2000 years of intensive logging.




When we visited and took these pictures it was evident that this tree is slowly   dying, there was only a few branches that showed signs of green live foliage.

 When this tree does eventually fall it will severely impact the surrounding flora and fauna but will also allow a lot of sunlight into the forest encouraging saplings to grow skywards

And so  the cycle continues ...