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hand carving

Its all in the detail ... Carving for Churchie.

Bywater Design are proud to participate in the  celebration of the hundred year anniversary of The Anglican Church Grammar School Churchie;   in addition to previous  work we  completed;   shown here  , we were delighted to have recently completed work on 2 Mahogany (plantation) Sideboards These sideboards would be made to match existing furniture and to include 16 traditional carvings.

Carvings are a wonderful addition to selected  furniture pieces, they highlight the design, create a sense of drama and formality and  their design can be based on a  coat of arms, heirloom, flora   etc thus evoking a  deep sense of history and character  within the piece.

Stuart was very happy to take up the wonderful challenge and opportunity of hand carving each of these 16 carvings.. .