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unique france

>A Most Delicate Process...

> Fine Furniture Restoration is a most intricate and complex process, involving detailed and fine work resulting in many hours  bringing  centuries old pieces of furniture back to their resplendent original (if not better) condition.
Our Friends at  Unique France  requested such a transition take place for a stunning
Transition Style Commode.

This precious piece circa Paris 1880 was in need of extensive restoration.. 

The detailed and complicated  marquetry was in desperate need of repair and the Commode was literally showing all of its 130 years age

The high calibre of antiques at Unique France  demanded nothing less than the following processes for Bywater Design to underake...

*Repair and reglue Veneers that were lifting .
*Replace veneers that were missing including inlays
*Repair broken joints and reglue
*Clean original polish

*Apply polish to new veneers and colour match

The professional restoration surpassed all expectations and returned this Transition Style Commode to its
original glory,   The Brèche d'Alepwith (The Marble Sarcolin  obtained from the quarry in the Pyrenees)  uses its brown and yellow composition to highlight and complement the richness of the marquetry and the inlays.
This commode now takes pride of place in its new home but for more splendid antiques of the 18th century and beyond , we invite you to peruse the impressive collection at
 Unique France .

Naturally, for all your restoration requirements please Contact the Team at Bywater Design for a complementary assessment of your furniture.