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Boardroom Table for Theiss

Creating corporate furniture for Theiss has been a wonderful opportunity for Bywater Design to flex their corporate muscle and create visually appealing ,highly functional office furniture that will  meet all the demands of a busy corporate environment. Using Teak veneer, Eucalypt Burl and solid Cambia edging to create a dramatic contrast.  These 7.5metre long board room tables were painstakingly crafted in our Northgate workshop and polished to a high gloss to enhance the richness and durability of the timber. Using the very best of audio and electrical accessories, these tables provide all the necessary functions of a corporate meeting.

In addition to the boardroom tables, side boards and entertaining units were designed and installed to provide a smooth and functional preparation area for the high volume of staff meeting in the building .

Of course with such excessive dimensions, these boardroom tables would not be able to be delivered by normal measures. A crane lift, in the dawn hours was needed to install these wonderful pieces of furniture.

After lengthy planning and deliberation and a few strong coffees, the process of craning , and installation was a successful one.

Boardroom tables, catching the sunlight create a stunning addition to the rooms, providing a fresh new area of work and providing staff with a new clean and efficient place of preparation  for meetings


Theiss Boardroom Table install



Theiss Boardroom Install


Theiss Boardroom Install

Teak Veneer and Eucalypt Burl Boardroom Table


Practical yet stylish Eatery for Staff room at Thiess


Capturing the sunlight on the high gloss boardroom at Theiss