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2 Day Furniture Making Class

We love being able to share our knowledge of woodworking. There is something just so satisfying about creating something with your own hands.

It takes you on a wonderful journey where you become totally engrossed in what you are doing right now.

You lose a sense of time, you forget about your phone, your worries and just become totally focused on the present. It is this feeling which our woodworking students have enjoyed for well over 10 years now.

Their growing list of completed furniture projects is impressive ; from bar stools, dining suites, chest of drawers to restoring partner desks, sewing machine tables as well as creating new challenges for themselves with the use of new mediums including coloured resin.

Our woodworking classes, have always been a popular option and running to full capacity, so that is why we have created our 2 DAY FURNITURE MAKING CLASS.

This 2 day workshop combines all the fundamentals of our introductory woodworking class and runs it through for 2 full days ( from 8 -5 pm)

During this period, students will design and make their very own hall table and will most definitley take it home at the end of the 2 days.

We take into account personal preferences and decor so we offer a wide range of timbers for the students to choose when it comes to making their own table.

A beautiful student project  Our 2 day Furniture Making Worksho

A beautiful student project

Our 2 day Furniture Making Worksho

Learning the art of woodworking

Learning the art of woodworking

Classic styles never date

Classic styles never date

The next classes are

September 6 - 7

October 18 - 19

We are keeping these classes small so we can take the time to ensure our students receive personal tuition from Stuart and begin their wonderful journey of woodworking.

To find out more , simply send us an email and we will forward you all the details.

We look forward to sharing some creativity with you.