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White Entertainment Unit

After refurbishing the entire room, it was time to give this little pocket of the room  a makeover;  creating an area that would blend seamlessly into the rest of the home but also function as an area to house television and media components. This area of the room badly needed a make over

Using traditional details  to highlight the architraves a white built in entertainment unit was designed and installed.

Hoop Pine was painted to a high white gloss to happily co exist with the existing furnishings

Retractable doors were used and under carriage runners to keep the entertainment unit tidy and house all the myriad of dvd's, blue rays, cd etc...


Blending perfectly into its surrounds, this entertainment unit is both stylish yet highly functional.


Making the most of a small area, creating ample storage area and housing media componentsm

Boardroom Table for Theiss

Creating corporate furniture for Theiss has been a wonderful opportunity for Bywater Design to flex their corporate muscle and create visually appealing ,highly functional office furniture that will  meet all the demands of a busy corporate environment. Using Teak veneer, Eucalypt Burl and solid Cambia edging to create a dramatic contrast.  These 7.5metre long board room tables were painstakingly crafted in our Northgate workshop and polished to a high gloss to enhance the richness and durability of the timber. Using the very best of audio and electrical accessories, these tables provide all the necessary functions of a corporate meeting.

In addition to the boardroom tables, side boards and entertaining units were designed and installed to provide a smooth and functional preparation area for the high volume of staff meeting in the building .

Of course with such excessive dimensions, these boardroom tables would not be able to be delivered by normal measures. A crane lift, in the dawn hours was needed to install these wonderful pieces of furniture.

After lengthy planning and deliberation and a few strong coffees, the process of craning , and installation was a successful one.

Boardroom tables, catching the sunlight create a stunning addition to the rooms, providing a fresh new area of work and providing staff with a new clean and efficient place of preparation  for meetings


Theiss Boardroom Table install



Theiss Boardroom Install


Theiss Boardroom Install

Teak Veneer and Eucalypt Burl Boardroom Table


Practical yet stylish Eatery for Staff room at Thiess


Capturing the sunlight on the high gloss boardroom at Theiss


Design and Making 1960's TV Chair...



Remaining faithful to the 1960/s  a client requested we design and make a Lounge Suite that lends itself to the clean simple lines of this era .

Using Tasmanian Oak, the 3 Seater and 2 Chairs, came together beautifully using modern fabric to enhance the wonderful design. The lounge suite is a timeless classic.

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Custom Making a Maple Bookcase...

One of the most rewarding parts of our work is creating furniture that is unique as all our clients.  Producing something that will be exactly what our client requires, and will blend seamlessly into their home and perform the functions they want to it to... Hence the Maple Bookcase recently completed .

This stunning Bookcase standing an impressive 2 metres high and 3 metres wide offers a myriad of storage solutions , whilst being faithful to the existing décor.

Of course, all our drawers are dovetailed and run on full extension runners to ensure smooth operation each and every time.


july 14 maple bookcase july 14 custom bookcase


Red Bull Wooden Centrepiece

Bywater Design was delighted to produce for Media Playground The Wooden Centrepiece for Red Bull .  These wooden centrepieces provide a wonderful backdrop for the Australian Music Festivals that Red Bull produce. After deliberation and precision fine tuning we feel these Red Bulls will certainly give you wings ...








Thank you Lachlan Brown for Images .



Creating a Nook /Eckbank

An Eckbank is a German phrase for Corner Bench or Seat.  This functional design is a smart and stylish way to have a dining setting when space is comprised.  

By using Solid Hoop Pine , Stuart designed a contemporary corner setting for this Inner Brisbane Home.  With the addition of a wonderful contrasting fabric, the Eckbank stands as a stylish yet practical addition to the dining room.









Inner City Bedroom Suite

Bywater Design recently completed work on a very modern, functional yet stylish bedroom suite for an inner city home. The clients wanted a minimalist design but to house special features such as; The bed to appear as if it was floating Runway lights along one side of the bed A pop up tv at the foot of the bed (where it can easily be hidden or used at the flick of a switch) A rich dark timber to accentuate the clean lines.   The clients were ecstatic with the finished product and loved the choice of timbers - Cambia and European Beech.  Cambia is a highly practical timber; its thermal modification process ensures its longevity especially in humid conditions such as Brisbane.   Ash that has been treated this way is an ideal choice given that it mimics many tropical hardwood species yet not at the cost of rainforest timbers.






Its all in the detail ... Carving for Churchie.

Bywater Design are proud to participate in the  celebration of the hundred year anniversary of The Anglican Church Grammar School Churchie;   in addition to previous  work we  completed;   shown here  , we were delighted to have recently completed work on 2 Mahogany (plantation) Sideboards These sideboards would be made to match existing furniture and to include 16 traditional carvings.

Carvings are a wonderful addition to selected  furniture pieces, they highlight the design, create a sense of drama and formality and  their design can be based on a  coat of arms, heirloom, flora   etc thus evoking a  deep sense of history and character  within the piece.

Stuart was very happy to take up the wonderful challenge and opportunity of hand carving each of these 16 carvings.. .







Bathroom Love ...

This recently completed vanity is a real show stopper.  Blessed with not only good looks, this vanity is built for longevity and to withstand heat , humidity and other various elements that a bathroom experiences. This  styish  unit is made from Mahogany and finished with  black granite for durability and maximum visual appeal. 

Of course the tapware we use is Australian Made.  

::Bedroom Makeover::

 Frustrated at the lack of space and storage, some  lovely clients required bedroom furniture that was both highly functional, and incorporated classic styling to enhance and blend in with their existing decor...  American Ash was the timber  chosen for its superior grain, versatility, longevity and colour hue that marries perfectly with the colour scheme of the bedroom.

The large chests of drawers,  and bedside tables included dovetailing and  soft close runners for ease of movement and will withstand constant use for many years to come

The Queen Bed with its large Slats is accompanied by 2 Bedside Cabinets.

The Bed side cabinets, offer much-needed personal storage space and complete the symmetry that is needed to give balance and flow to the room.


Some TLC for your Timber Furniture...

Timber furniture is known for its durability, longevity and above all its beauty.  If you treat your timber furniture with a bit of  tender loving care it will reward you for many years to come.. We are often asked for care and maintenance tips for furniture and we would like to share our knowledge ,know how and experience in maintaining your precious timber furniture...


First of all  today we will highlight  Some Dont's !

These are easy to remember and are important  factors to remember; -

Please keep away from....

*Furniture can fade and age prematurely so please keep furniture out of direct sunlight !

Keep furniture away from temperature extremes; those blasts of cold air may be refreshing but not so healthy for your lovely dining room table.

Always always remember to use a placemat, tablecloth, magazine etc before using your table as a workbench or beauty bar.  These sorts of spillages can be difficult and costly to repair !

Candles are a wonderful addition to any room creating ambiance and warmth but please have all candles supported by either a sturdy glass holder or something similar that prevents heat and wax from spilling onto the wooden surface.


*For specific advice on repairs to your furniture we are happy to help you

PH; 3256 9000  or drop us an email

We would love to help !

Entertainment Unit for City Apartment

Apartment Living  often means minimal space and downsizing  on items such as stereo, tv, audio and media components and having little space to display treasures, photos etc... But that need not be the case; In this instance Bywater Design was able to incorporate clever design with maximum storage resulting in a clean, modern functional entertainment/media unit that screams style

A sliding door ensures you can display your favourite treasures or if need be closed to hide what is behind



And on the left side housing all important visual compenents.

The Bottom half of the unit has a push to open dropdown drawer.

With 4 drawers this gives ample storage for dvd, cd, blu rays etc etc

All power points /cables are neatly and safely housed at the back of the unit .

This clever Entertainment Unit certainly delivers on the wow factor !!!

Making a Statement with Upholstry

Designing a lounge suite that is classic, yet modern, stylish but would not date and most importantly be very comfortable to spend hours reading,  were the important aspects required for our lovely clients. In collaboration with Stuart a design evolved that worked well with their decor, a design that would be enhanced by striking upholstry . Using recyled Tasmanian Oak these gorgeous lounge room furniture pieces now take pride and place in a very happy  home.

The solid timber construction coupled with professional upholstry ensures that these pieces remain in excellent condition for many lounging  years to come





~~Tree Life ~~ Jarrah ~~

Stuart was thrilled and proud to be a part of the Great South East  Channel  7 feature on Recycled Timber  - September 4.  When asked  by presenter Martin Bowerman what was his favourite timber species, Stuart was quick to reply ..

".Jarrah ; -   for its many wonderful properties. It does everything right." 

A big statement, with so many wonderful species out there - some we know many we dont know.

 So in the spirit of learning, of informing, entertaining and enlightening we shall embark on disovering the wonderful world of trees...

1)   Jarrah or Eucalyptus Marginata is one of the most important hardwoods of Australia.   "Marginata" relates to the light colored vein around the edge of the leaf.  Jarrah is one of many species of Eucalypt.  The flowers have a magnificent scent and pollinate every other year.    The Jarrah tree is adaptable, using its long complex root and tube  system to store carbydrates and other nutrients thus enabling a young Jarrah tree to grow back after a fire and to tolerate and survive in a harsh drought climate.

The Jarrah Tree can live to an amazing 500 years.

 It is found principally  in the south West of Western Australia.  This versatile hardwood grows to an impressive 30- 40  metres in height and a mammoth 2 metres in diameter.  Jarrah produces a valuable dark durable timber.  In recent years,  natural strands of Jarrah have suffered serious damage from a soil fungus which attacks and destroys the fine feeding roots. 

The gorgeous deep patinas range form red to deep brown, the texture is course and generally straight grained.  Is is for these reasons that we favour using Jarrah in many instances.  Its versatilty, ease of machining and adherance to adhesives and  polishes and lacquers make this Aussie hardwood a Bywater Design Favourite. 

Jarrah Dining Table provides a striking highlight to the Dining Room

>White for dramatic effect....

>Our clients love all the options and choices that are available to them with our custom making service.

Timber selection - new or recycled, timber species preferences, as well as the design concepts that we encorporate into every furniture piece all make the journey of custom making a very exciting and rewarding for our clients (and for us at BywaterDesign as well !)

The decision and options also extend into the finish of the piece, lacquer, oil , wax, limewashingdistressed paint,  are all finishes that can really enhance both the furniture piece and the room that it is in.
Stunnng examples of how the right finish can enhance the decor can be seen below;

American White Ash - Limewashed

American Oak - distressed with Antique White USA .