We are currently in the midst of restoring some wonderful mid century Scandinavian furniture.

The clean aesthetic lines , the blonde timbers the ease of design are synonymous with this era of furniture design.

The 3 legged stool designed by Mogens Lassen in 1942 was inspired by the stool used by shoemakers, functional and simplistic in design, it evolved into an elegant 3 legged stool smooth of surface and understated in design.



3 legged stool by Mogens Lassen read for restoratation

Mid Century Mogens Lassen 3 legged stool before restoration .


The restoration process involved carefully removing the white paint, regluing the legs, sanding and re-polishing to bring out the beauty of the natural grain.

Beautifully restored 3 legged stool by Danish Designer Mogens Lassen

Restored to it former glory, Danish Design by Mogens Lassen



Restored to enhance its classic lines this Mid centruy Oak stool was designed my Mogens Lassen in 1942

Wonderful results from our restoration process on this Mogens Lassen Mid Century 3 legged stool