The over riding advantage for custom making is that it solves problems and provides solutions.  Furniture is tailor made for each individual circumstance.

As each family is different so are their furniture , storage  and lifestyle requirements, there are  no cookie cutter solutions.

Our current project provides ample storage, reducing clutter and is classically designed to enhance the existing decor.

We are in the final stages of completion of Hoop Pine Cabinets with an accompanying wine rack.



sketch of timber cabinet

it all starts with an idea



concept drawings for timber wine rack

the beginning of the custom made journey



Making a hoop pine wine rack

Ensuring every cut is just right



The team in action, custom making a timber cabinet

Every piece of furniture produced in our workshop is made to our high standard of quality and craftmanship



Once initial sketches are approved by the client tech drawings are made to ensure accuracy ,precision and a smooth production process.

After production, the polishing begins, once again our polishing is colour matched to existing client pieces to ensure a seamless transition into the home.

We also offer gloss, satin and various sheen  options to our clients so once again each piece is an individual and is specifically made to the clients wishes right down to the last detail.


Custom polishing of timber shelves

Custom polishing results in a wonderful finished product



Timber detail in the grain

The beauty of the grain


With polishing nearly complete, the next step is assembly where we get to put all the beautiful pieces of the puzzle together …

Stay tuned !