The Entertainment Unit – The focal point of the Loungeroom

The Entertainment Unit,  often the focal hub of the living room . The Entertainment Unit must be multi functioning, not only providing storage for the TV, Stereo and other media components, but it must also provide the perfect viewing platform , blend and harmonize with the existing decor but not overpower the room and allow

Media Units ~ Entertainment Units ~Media Consoles

TV Units, Media Units, Entertainment Rooms, ,whichever name you call them, they all contain  the ever extensive array of media components we accumulate, be it for viewing, gaming or listening , the media unit is an integral part of the home and care and thought should be given to this investment. Not only do they hold

>White for dramatic effect….

>Our clients love all the options and choices that are available to them with our custom making service.Timber selection - new or recycled, timber species preferences, as well as the design concepts that we encorporate into every furniture piece all make the journey of custom making a very exciting and rewarding for our clients (and for