Art Deco Coffee Table Restoration

We love restoring old forgotten pieces of furniture , items from the shed, under the house, a garage sale... This gorgeous Art Deco coffee table is one of our projects completed this week Wow what a transformation Art Deco table in need of some professional restoration     How amazing does this

>Corporate Designs…

>Late last year, Bywater Design was approached by Bally Cara Retirement Village on the Redcliffe Peninsula to fit out their Corporate Guest area. The goal was to furnish the client receiving area with lounge chairs, coffee table and side cabinet.  After thorough consultation, we were able to design lounges with both comfort and style and incorporate  the clean lines of these

>A place to lay your cup

>Coffee Tables, a necessity in the modern world.  A place to lay  papers, keys, laptops, Ipads, bags, magazines, papers, pizza boxes and strangely enough sometimes tea and coffee cups.The Coffee table easily dates back to the 17th Century.The first European Coffee tables were made in Britian during the Victorian Era.  Prior to that, drinks tables,